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05. júlí 2021

PTA Iceland has a new name and logo from july 1st 2021

Following the new law on Fjarskiptastofa no. 75/2021 that entered into force on 1st of July 2021 we present a new organizational chart and a new logo for Fjarskiptastofa. The organization is now divided into 5 areas; the network security team CERT-IS, Digital Security, Administration, Infrastructure as well as Operations.


The main task of the cyber security team CERT-IS is awareness of the state of cyber security issues as well as to handle incidents when cyber incidents occur. With the independent organizational unit of the cyber security team, the independent processing of information and events in full separation from other areas is being ensured.

The role of Digital Security Division is to monitor the network and information security of digital infrastructure and providers of digital services, as well as the security and functionality of general electronic communications services. The division performs a coordinating and advisory role vis-à-vis other supervisory authorities to promote the implementation of the NIS Act. In addition, it is the role of Digital Security to monitor trust services.

The Infrastructure Division is responsible for the organization of telecommunications resources (frequencies and numbers) and the allocation of those resources. The division also monitors the frequencies, which involves measuring, responding to and resolving interference issues. Through mapping and analysis of current and planned telecommunications infrastructure and related infrastructure, the division contributes to the development of infrastructure in collaboration with the government and service providers.

The Administrative Division coordinates the administrative affairs of the institution as well as leading competition and consumer affairs. Within the division, market analyzes are carried out as well as imposing obligations on those market participants who have a significant market share.

The role of the Operations Division is to ensure continuous and streamlined operations in accordance with the institution's certified quality procedures.