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Notification under Article 6.4 of Directive 99/05/EC

Notification under Article 6.4 of Directive 99/05/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 1999 on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity

Article 6.4:

In the case of radio equipment using frequency bands whose use is not harmonized throughout the Community, the manufacturer or his authorized representative established within the Community or the person responsible for placing the equipment on the market shall notify the national authority responsible in the relevant Member State for spectrum management of the intention to place such equipment on its national market. This notification shall be given no less than four weeks in advance of the start of placing on the market and shall provide information about the radio characteristics of the equipment (in particular frequency bands, channel spacing, type of modulation and RF-power) and the identification number of the notified body referred to in Annex IV or V

Notification under Article 6.4 of Directive 99/05/EC

1. Contact details of the party placing equipment on the market

1a. Contact details of the manufacturer (if other than under 1)

2. Equipment identification

3. Intended use/purpose of the equipment

4. Where appropriate, the consulted notified body/bodies

5. Frequency bands

6. Reference standard or other specification

7. Type of modulation

8. Channel spacing and designation of emission

9. Maximum transmit power limit

10. Duty cycle or channel access protocol

11. Duplex direction, if applicable

12. Type of antenna

13. Remarks