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Network and information security

Network and information Security is one of the main tasks of the ECOI and is becoming an increasingly larger part of operations. The most prominent part is the operation of the ECOI cyber security team, CERT-IS, whose operations relate to information infrastructure that is critical to the country and to operators of electronic communications networks. Direct service from the ECOI to the public with respect to cyber security is first and foremost in the provision of information, where the ECOI supports increased awareness of network and information security, among other things by maintaining an advisory website www.netöryggi.is. There one can find practical information for the public and for smaller companies on how to enhance one's own security on the Internet. The PTA cooperates with other domestic parties that work on network and information security.


The objective of CERT-IS to prevent and mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks and other security events in the team’s network jurisdiction and to impede and minimize damage from such sources to the community‘s critical information infrastructure.

CIIP – Critical Information Infrastructure refers to systems designed to guarantee state security, public well-being and a variety of channels for a variety of supplies necessary in modern society. The National Commissioner of Police further define those systems considered to be critical infrastructure.

The work of CERT-IS includes, among other things, coordination of measures taken by operators of the critical infrastructure belonging to what is called the teams network jurisdiction and the provision of support against imminent security events. CERT-IS provides these parties with consultancy on preparation and response. The team disseminates information on security events and responses to such events to the public where appropriate.

The cyber security team is a contact point and coordinator in cooperation with foreign CERT cyber security teams.

The CERT-IS cyber security team maintains its own website at www.cert.is.


Operational security of networks

One of the PTA's most important roles is to support operational security of electronic communications networks, including connections to other countries and to ensure that security requirements are defined and active surveillance of access to electronic communications is always at least as good as specified minimum requirements. In 2012 work commenced on developing a database of electronic communications infrastructure which will be used by the Administration to assure improved quality, security and access to electronic communications and future. Work on mapping out the status of electronic communications with measurements in distribution systems across the country, for mobile phone, mobile network or radio services alike is ongoing.