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Satellite Services

Provision of satellite services

Companies intending to provide satellite telecommunications services in Iceland must register with ECOI.
ECC decisions on the use of the frequency spectrum, incl. for satellite communications, are implemented by publication in the Icelandic Table of Frequency Allocation (NTFA).

Satellite filing

Frequencies that satellite companies wish to use in their operations must be filed with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
ECOI handles such filings on behalf of Iceland. The processing of filing applications at ECOI is subject to Regulation on filing of satellite frequencies no. 305/2019.

All filings are subject to the final approval of ECOI.
Satellite filings at the ITU are subject to the provisions of the International Radio Regulations and ITU-R Rules of Procedure.

Earth stations

Satellite earth stations are subject to a license, cf. Article 62 Act on Electronic Communications no. 81/2003.
Apply for a license: Application form
The annual fee for the operation of an earth station is ISK 25,100, - according to Article 22 Act on Telecommunications Administration no. 75/2021.