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The ECOI deals with the allocation of numbers, number series and addresses that are used in the independent telecommunication networks and their interconnection.

Numbers from 1000- 999 9999. E.164

The Icelandic numbering plan - Updated August 26th 2022.

EU Harmonised service of social value numbers

The European Commission has reserved five short numbers with a single format 116 + 3 digits for helplines that should be accessible to everyone in Europe. Iceland has implemented the "harmonized services of social value" , through the EEA agreement.

Allocation of other numbers and addresses

The ECOI allocates numbers and addresses for use across networks, among them the following:

International Signaling Point Codes (ISPC)
Mobile Network Codes (MNC)
Maritime Mobile Service Identities (MMSI)
Inmarsat Mobile Numbers (IMN)
Issuer Identification Numbers (IIN)
Data Network Identification Codes (DNIC)
Administrative Management Domains (ADMD)
National Signaling Point Codes (NSPC)

Carrier pre-selection

During carrier selection telephone users can select the service of new service providers e.g. for international calls by dialing a four digit prefix. In this case the prefix is dialed first followed by 00 and then the country code and telephone number. The prefixes span the range from 1000 to 1100. Subscribers have to register in advance with the service provider. Subscribers can also choose to make beforehand an agreement about carrier pre-selection with a service provider and need in that case not dial the prefix during each call but dial 00 immediately followed by the country code and the telephone number as before.

Subscribers opting for carrier pre-selection have to register with the appropriate service provider. The latter must send to the subscriber a confirmation of the registration and must as well inform the operator to which the subscriber is connected about the subscribers registration. It should not take more than five days after registration to implement carrier pre-selection. The service provider is responsible for the cost of establishing carrier pre-selection for each subscriber. The telephone subscriber will be billed by the service provider for calls in carrier pre-selection.

In spite of having made a contract with a service provider for carrier pre-selection subscribers can select another service provider by dialing his prefix before 00.

Service providers that enter into a contract with telephone subscribers about carrier pre-selection must inform them if the call barring facility in their telephone for international calls becomes inactive after carrier pre-selection has been implemented.

Fees for numbers

According to the provisions of Act on the Post and Telecom Administration No. 69/2003 a fee will be levied on the following number types:
7 digit numbers
4 digit numbers
3 digit numbers

For further information contact Bjarni Sigurdsson - bjarni@fst.is